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Posted by Despina Eleonora Triantafilou on March 10, 2021

The strategic position of multicultural Thessaloniki.

The second largest city in Greece was founded in 315BC from Cassander. He named her Thessaloniki, as a tribute to the half-sister of Alexander the Great, whom he had a wife.

One hundred and fifty years later she was conquered by the Roman Empire. The Ottoman Empire, which held her from 1.432 to 1.912, could not resist its charm either. The lady of the North, generous and lordly, absorbed the best elements of her conquerors, teaching them the denaturation of Love, in the face of all forms of barbarism.

But the modern infrastructure on the road network, the port, the airport, as well as those that are in progress, are the ones that opened the doors to all the friends of Europe. To come and experience for themselves the unique atmosphere of daily pulse.

The outburst of emotions like being in the Queen of the North is inevitable.

From Ancient Greek, Roman, and Ottoman monuments, to picturesque alleys and cobbled streets. The city center is an excellent choice, so that the now legendary International Fair of Thessaloniki takes shape every year.

Beautiful climate and refreshing. As a tourist you will suspect that life here is better, but as an investor you will find it by adding longevity to it. Hellas. With sun, fun, work and creative pulse, colors, aromas, and intoxicating flavors. You will find them all as soon as you go and will probably want to stay.

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