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Posted by Despina Eleonora Triantafilou on October 5, 2021

Invest to your future!

With more than a year of bombardment of junk information globally and 2% of useful information in the interest of the middle class, it makes sense to feel confused today.

Wherever you read us from, you are here because you have known us since we joined forces (2004 as Dessignum). We separated our position from the beginning.

We have left the presentation of catalogs and juggling tricks to the illegal actors, the opportunists, and the supposedly introduced experts in the field, and we speak with evidence on a personal level, with unsurpassed information and efficiency of goal achievement. We consistently show you samples of general context investment movements. Most products you do not see from us in public view. And you like that!

We are the Greek Scientists and the Greek Real Estate Brokers, with a plethora of recorded data of the local areas of Greece in our hands. We have predicted and faced fluctuations and changes in the Greek market many times and we have a surplus of unique experience at your disposal.

Thank you for the steadfast preference for us all these years, and we convey the following optimistic message:

As is well known, Europe is the most expensive Real Estate Zone on the planet. So far, Greece has the lowest prices in Europe. The need for correction has been evident for years. The correction has started! The balances around the world have changed, and they continue to change, and no one is telling you where they are going. They certainly do not want you to win. So, let us laugh at all their efforts to hide useful information. Keep this in mind: Greece is being transformed at a dizzying pace.

Those who knew how it would happen are already here – several years now – and welcomed the first investors from the global firmament. False prices that have prevailed some countries for several years do not stand anymore. The countries that were pressured in previous years are emerging. Guess the new position of Real Estate Prices in Greece. Did you start seeing the picture? Come and catch up. The countdown to opportunities has begun.

Greece is the Global Opportunity! It has already become the country of choice for permanent or temporary residence of businessmen and workers from all over the world, in contrast to the pre-existing resurgence: “Greece is only for holidays”. Technology has made the required leap of modernization. What happened in Greece 70 years ago is happening again. This cycle of growth and profit will go beyond the historical precedent. But not as everyone imagines. Nothing “old” will make a profit.

You and your family deserve a better future. We are waiting for you.

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