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Casandra – Sithonia – Athos

Casandra – Sithonia – Athos Halkidiki has a long history, ancient cities, and one of the most important caves on the planet, known by the name: the cave of Petralona. It is the cave in which the oldest human skeleton was found -250.000 years old – and it dispelled the widespread, albeit distorted, theory that we came from apes, while its presence exceeds 700.000 …

The strategic position of multicultural Thessaloniki.

The strategic position of multicultural Thessaloniki. The second largest city in Greece was founded in 315BC from Cassander. He named her Thessaloniki, as a tribute to the half-sister of Alexander the Great, whom he had a wife. One hundred and fifty years later she was conquered by the Roman Empire. The Ottoman Empire, which held her from 1.432 to 1.912, could not resist its …

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Ios Island in short!

Ios Island in short! Ios is the one and only Cycladic island combining huge sandy beaches, important ancient History, since Pro-Cycladic period, Tasteful food & Warm hospitality. The kind of hospitality a lot think you cannot find any more in Cyclades. The island of Ios, has just begun to conquer big investors, having for years fanatical tourists from America and Australia. It is already …

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